Rustam Khalfin
heritage foundation


A Kazakhstani public foundation created to preserve and study the artist’s oeuvre.

“My father, a famous scientist and brother of Rustam, asked me to put his legacy in order. And I thought that the best way is to create a foundation that will be managed by a board of trustees with high-profile and well-known specialists in Kazakhstan. In October, we registered a legal entity, and now the foundation is an independent public institution,” said Ruslan Khalfin, the artist’s heir and founder of the foundation.

The Foundation’s key goal is to achieve national and global recognition of Rustam Khalfin’s artwork.

The Foundation’s objectives are to:

  • create and publish a catalog of works by Rustam Khalfin;
  • create a digital archive;
  • hold exhibitions of his works;
  • establish annual awards for young artists;
  • create an artwork museum; and
  • cooperate with educational establishments to study the artist’s oeuvre.